The general contractor

Perri Construction

Founded in 1963 by Luigi Perri, Perri Construction is a company specializing in new residential and commercial construction. A family business, managed today by Frank Perri and his son David, the company also offers home renovation services, while still maintaining a hold on the new commercial and housing markets.

Perri Construction has enjoyed an excellent reputation for over 40 years, primarily in the area of custom new home construction. Providing unique expertise, and recognized for its high-quality standards and advanced construction methods, the company works on each and every project with integrity and commitment. Perri Construction has been the recipient of the Diamond Palm award (APCHQ) for more than 20 consecutive years, which recognizes excellence in the renovation industry, as well as the Domus Award in 2010. Perri Construction also has an AA quality rating from Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR).

The Architect

Giasson Farregut Architectes

Founded in 1976, Giasson Farregut Architectes is a firm known for bringing together creativity and realistic concepts, combined with rigorous execution. The firm shapes architectural spaces into contemporary solutions where boldness, ingenious designs and subtle material arrangements never undermine the building’s technical performance or established budget.

Giasson Farregut Architectes has built its reputation on sustainable site development, efficient water management and increasingly energy efficient buildings. The firm has also distinguished itself by the choice of materials and the quality of the living environments, both interior and exterior, of the buildings it creates. With a body of work that includes such outstanding achievements as the Complexe Multi-Sports de Laval and the Urbania Condos, Giasson Ferregut Architectes is dedicated to creating high-quality, durable and distinctive residential, industrial and institutional architectural masterpieces.

The Developer

Raymond Lessard

Raymond Lessard is a well-known real estate developer, known for his rigorous approach to respecting and preserving architectural heritage. Having spent more than 40 years in the construction industry, Raymond has overseen the development of several residential projects, most of them located in the greater Montreal, Laval regions and in Old Montreal a sector where the built environment legacy is a fundamental part of urban planning.

Raymond’s work brings to life a vision that highlights natural spaces and focuses on harmoniously integrating buildings into their natural environment. Over the year, he has made a name for himself delivering quality, high-end residential properties developed by strong teams carefully chosen for their respective niche expertise.