The KAYA Project

Located on the shores of Lac Davignon, in a prime Cowansville location, the KAYA project offers a truly unique and exceptional environment.

The KAYA project spreads out over six lots, ranging from 1,780 to 2,139 square meters, dedicated to the construction of prestige properties, creating a private residential area. The project’s built environment is integrated and harmonious.

Download the project plans here.

Renderings, images and plans are for illustrative purposes only until final plans are created. Their accuracy is not guaranteed.

An environmentally conscious development and integrated project

With its ideal location on the shores of Lac Davignon, the KAYA project was designed to perfectly integrate with its standout environment. In fact, the plans for every property are characterized by environmentally friendly features focused on innovation. Furthermore, electrical, gas and cable lines will be hidden underground. Lastly, the project promoter is currently evaluating the possibility of installing a rainwater harvesting system throughout the development. When completed, the homes will be healthy, eco-friendly, energy efficient and feature homogenous design.

A harmonious and private concept with full maintenance services

Inspired by the high-end private residential developments of the United States, the KAYA project will feature majestic landscaping under the careful year-round care of a dedicated team.

With full-service maintenance throughout the year, you can always enjoy your living spaces to the fullest!